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Flood Damage Basic Guidance

December 13, 2013 11:34 am

“I have just experienced flooding in my home or business, what do I do?” We receive this question hundreds of times during a flooding event and want to provide some basic guidance on how to proceed until you meet with your flood adjuster. 

So you have just experienced a flood and your home is deemed safe to enter by either a local official, fire or police. Or the flooding was not that severe enough and you did not vacate your home and have remained in the property. Always remember, Your Safety Comes First !

PLEASE take a lot of photographs of the flood damage to your contents along with overall views of the affected rooms.

If your home has a lower level and you need to go up stairs to get to the outside grade, this is considered a basement (sub grade on all sides). Given this, your flood coverage to this lower level (basement) is going to be restricted. Coverage in a basement is basically for the major mechanicals that service the home affected by the flood waters. If you click on the heading above on this web page  called “Flood Forms” and then click on either the “Summary of Coverages” and or “Dwelling Policy” look at page 4 item 8), these documents will provide you what items are covered in a basement under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Additional questions and answers can be found on the All Seasons Adjusting Home Page under Flood Claim FAQ.